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Outer Space International

Outer Space International are a video production group.

This project was part of a redesign of Outer Space International’s web television channel “OSI74” for their fifth anniversary to help expand their viewership. I collaborated with OSI’s management in researching user pain points, devising solutions, prototyping and eventually developing their website in its new form.

This project is ongoing as the channel continues to expand their content and viewership.

OSI74’s website


Wander 2018 Interactive and Visual Design Exhibition website, for the Queensland University of Technology.

“As part of the 2018 QUT Design Festival, the Interactive and Visual Design (IVD) graduates are showcasing works which are the product of their creative visions. The graduates are experts in many areas of design, providing a diverse display of talent.

Wander’, the title of this year’s theme, represents the journey of learning and self-discovery during each graduate’s time at QUT. The 2018 Graduate Exhibition is a significant milestone which recognises their achievements before they embark on to their new destinations.”

The Wander 2018 website contains profiles of all IVD graduates and their respective projects showcased at the exhibition. Website was co-developed by Amandda Kao & Liam Anthony.

Wander 2018 website





GigReel is a mobile UI prototype, designed for independent live music communities.

GigReel enhances the customer experience of local music clubs and serves as a central networking resource for musicians, booking agents and audience patrons.

GigReel is comprised of two apps; GigReel Industry and GigReel Live:

  • Musicians can use GigReel Industry to connect with booking agents and apply for shows. Conversely, musicians and booking agents can use the app to book their own shows and keep track of admission sales.
  • Patrons can use GigReel Live to find shows within their location, purchase admission and keep informed of event proceedings.


Think Hitch

Think Hitch are a startup company from Brisbane specialising in an en-route “trip sharing” app.

Throughout the months of July to September of 2018 I developed marketing and advertising materials for Think Hitch’s exhibit at the 2018 Eco Expo. Jobs included graphic design, web design, and developing a digital user interface for registration.

Think Hitch website



Student project. Parkmate is a carpark monitoring device for shared households.

High-fidelity mockup for the device’s mobile app UI created in Adobe Xd.